If you cannot find a product you need, your suggestions are welcome any time.

No,  we have to sell our products for non-consumption use only

The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available on each product page.

If not available, ask us using the chat or by mail admin(at) and we will add it.

All articles are manufactured inside Europe

The products are of the highest purity available on the market. 

Purity values are min. 97-99% as a rule.

Our quality is based on competence and experience obtained from years being in industrial pharmaceutical and agrochemical research.

All our compounds are provided with either COA, HPLC-MS / H-NMR analytics as standard feature.

Confidentiality on all projects is taken for granted.

The biggest enemies to delicate chemicals are heat, moisture, light, and oxygen  

A freezer (assuming the container is well sealed) should greatly reduce all 4.

The catch is that you want no moisture,

On some level you could introduce moisture if you were storing it in the refrigerator, or use a food zip bag

HDPE bottles would be the best with desiccant inside, inside a freezer


If you are unsatisfied with our articles, service or anything else on MondialK, we will do the best we can to satisfy you. We want to create a company that respects customers. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions, concerns, comments or just to say hi! We accept all unopened products for a full refund. 

Our policy is against buying reviews and exchange articles for it, 

Free samples

Clients can ask for one sample in the comments section of the order.

Our warehouse dispatches sample accordingly to the order amount, your order history and asked articles 

We do not store payment information or details of payment as it is taken care of by our provider and we do not have access to your financial details as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Thanks to find all the details on our Privacy Policy page

If it’s not a fit, you have 30 days from the delivery date. to return your undamaged and unused items. 

Thanks to reach us by email at admin(at) for the return address.

*In the unlikely event that an item is returned to us in an damaged condition, we may have to send it back to you. This does not affect your statutory rights. We consider an item unused where it is missing no more than 2 standards daily doses.

Refunds are subject to a restocking fee (5% + 2e) and we keep the initial shipping fee (minimum 4e)

Refunds are processed exclusively either as a coupon code (availability 2 months) or on a crypto wallet 

Yes, we will match a vendor's regular price. Simply Contact Us and we will give you a coupon to match their price for the same product. We try to have the LOWEST regular prices. There are no extra fees at Mondialk, unless you choose faster shipping, so we match our competitors with their FINAL total, such as shipping which some competitors add near the end of the checkout process

Simply Contact Us or Live Chat with us and ask any question, concern or comment you may have, we will be happy to help you and answer any questions.


We're a European company. All orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Western Continental Europe.


You can pay using :

  1. Bank Card 
  2. Bank Transfer - Send us the bank confirmation (screenshot) at for a fast processing of your order (Instantaneous). If you have for any reasons high fees with your bank, we advise to use Transferwise to process the bank transfer.
  3. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum
  4. Cash using tracked mail

Other payment methods will be supported in the coming month (we accept your suggestion)

Yes. If you wish to cancel your order or ask for a refund for any reason, we are happy to.

Refunds are processed exclusively either as a coupon code (availability 2 months) or on a crypto wallet.

MondialK is unable to accept payments sent via PayPal.

This is not by our choice. PayPal has made a choice not to work with nootropic and/or dietary supplement vendors.

PayPal censured us and seized our funds,

We encourage questions or feedback regarding this policy to be directed towards Paypal's customer support team. 


It is possible to send to an Packstation if you use the DHL Classic or DHL Express delivery option. Post offices and Relay point are not a valid delivery address.

We make sure to fill out the correct paperwork on all international orders and so your package should make it through customs fairly quickly.

The standard delay is 3 days, but it could be longer depending on the country.

We guarantee Delivery or a Refund

95% of time, we ship after one working day (Monday to Friday).

5% of time after two working days.

We use our national Postal system (La Poste) inside France, and then it is your national postal system which handles the delivery (Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, ect..)

You will have a tracking number if your order is >€49, if you take the option or if your order uses a Chronopost service.

Use your Tracking Number below :

If your order uses La Poste service, you will be able to use your own national postal service to track it with more details.

Thanks to check your delivery address (Name, Country, Number).  Sometime client forgets to give the number of their building or the name is not correct

Maybe someone kept it for you and forget to tell,

Thanks to ask your local post office, they often keep it for you.

Some postal parcels are delayed at local post offices. 

Thanks to wait 4 working days, so the late mail could reach you.  In most cases, you will receive it. 

The article come in a little white envelope (22cm*16cm). Inside there is a gray aluminum pouch

We offer tracking at 49e and upon and for less quantity there is an option for adding tracking on shipping (3e)

If something you ordered hasn't arrived for any reasons, we will resend free of charges. 

4 exceptions : 

Error in the delivery address field, including the use of a pseudonym as name or a different name on the mailbox.

The address is not a residential area (personal house or flat), e.g. hotel room, student residence, school, embassy, post office, box, forwarder...

- The user has been warned by the postal service but did not pick up his parcel at the post office or the client did not accept delivery.

- The tracking shows that the parcel was received, or that the parcel could not be delivered due to an address problem.

In the case of a returned parcel, we will process it as a return, subject to a restocking fee (5% + 2e) and we keep the initial shipping fee (minimum 4e)